Drivers of research

Spotted ray.Understanding the nature of research projects, the policy setting, the people and their capacity for engagement in the NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub was important.

Research drivers focused on adaptive management and the monitoring and evaluation of conservation value, and marine reserves were a focus of collaboration, capacity building and, in some cases, co-production of project outputs.

Policy drivers were Marine Bioregional Planning, including managing the CMR network, species recovery plans and REEF 2050. The marine monitoring blueprint and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area monitoring framework are examples of products that tailored the best available science to meet policy objectives.

Drivers of research
Drivers of research
Focus areas of research
Impact of research
Commonwealth Marine Reserve network (CMRs) management > Collating marine survey and pressure data for CMRs
> New surveys of selected CMRs
> National capacity for sustained data collection in CMRs
> Performance indicators for managing CMRs
> National data catalogue for CMRs
> Baseline surveys for the Flinders and Oceanic Shoals CMRs
> Enhanced national capacity for sustained data collection
>Blueprint for monitoring
Marine Bioregional Plan implementation > Collating survey and pressure data for KEFs
> New surveys of selected KEFs
> Supporting evidence-based decision-making
> National data catalogue for KEFs
> Baseline surveys for selected KEFs
> Blueprint for monitoring EEZ ecosystems
> Tools for evidence-based decision-making
> Data collection standards for multiple sectors and jurisdictions
Reef 2050 > Aligning management priorities with existing monitoring
> Integrating monitoring with management
> GBRWHA integrated monitoring framework
> Guidance to integrate monitoring for other marine regions or programs
Recovery of EPBC listed species
> Status trends and habitat use of threatened species > More targeted and effective implementation of recovery plans
> Evidence base for recovery of threatened sharks