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Communicating science visually

Images and video can be a very effective means for communicating science to broad audiences and the Marine Biodiversity Hub is working with its partners and stakeholders to improve access to interesting marine science images.

Diver undertaking survey.

A volunteer diver conducting an underwater visual census of marine life along a 50m transect line for the Reef Life Survey program. IMAGE: IMAS

Marine Biodiversity Hub Imagery Search

This is a resource that can be freely used by scientists, government agencies and the general public. It provides quality still images, video, maps and figures provided in accordance with Creative Commons licence CC 3.0.

Many of the video and images used on this site can be found on the Hub Imagery Search.

Hub Imagery Search

Flythrough movie showing the bathymetry of Carnarvon shelf, highlighting benthic habitats at Point Cloates. Geoscience Australia.

Marine Biodiversity Hub on YouTube

Videos from Hub research activities as well as others related to our work.

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